“If there is one thing worse than the song ‘I’m From New Jersey,’” Governor William Cahill reportedly declared in 1970, “it is Red Mascara singing ‘I’m from New Jersey.’” Mascara passed away in June 2015 at the age of 92, his quest unfulfilled. We know Dinosaurs because of New Jersey!

About 10% of all known minerals in the world can be found in the Sterling Hill Mine in New Jersey.35 of the minerals found in this mine have never been found anywhere else, and 91 of the minerals mine are fluorescent. Yes, they are actual streets in Atlantic City. 2 years ago. It’s an urban state! Legendary labor union leader Samuel Gompers was there for the contest and was creepily effusive about the teenage winner: “She represents the type of womanhood America needs—strong, red blooded, able to shoulder the responsibilities of homemaking and motherhood.

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