When will the repair for Safety Recall 69Z5 be available? If the airbag warning light comes on, it indicates an airbag system problem and owners are advised to contact a Volkswagen dealer to have the vehicle inspected/serviced without delay.

Service Bulletin Number: 01M927733MP, Date of Bulletin: Jul 05, 2016 Other bulletins and services are also available at our site. If you have aftermarket equipment installed on your vehicle and your dealer determines that it would interfere with or prevent the safe completion of the recall repair, you will need to have the aftermarket equipment removed at your expense before the recall work can be done. VW GTI – Model Years 2009 – 2013 VW Passat – Model Years 2012 – 2015 VW Passat Sedan – Model Years 2006 – 2010 VW Passat Wagon – Model Years 2006 - … The crack may lead to an internal leak, whic, in turn, may lead to insufficient transmission oil pressure.

This repair requires bleeding the front and rear brake calipers. How can this Takata recall be addressed? What is the concern for Compliance Recall 01D8?

This may lead to a reduced pedal ratio and to an increased actuating force or to a disconnection of the pressure input rod. Gas bubbles may form in the brake system due to insufficient chrome coating of the brake caliper pistons. Yes.

Parts are available now and repairs have begun. Yes. If you smell fuel or notice a puddle of fuel beneath your vehicle, please contact your nearest Volkswagen dealer right away.

The interim repair was an important step to help keep you safe until the final repair became available.

Service Bulletin Number: SB-24Y2, Date of Bulletin: Sep 01, 2016 What is the concern for Compliance Recall 01D7?

What vehicles are included in Compliance Recall 37M2? When will the repair for Safety Recall 69W8 be available? Your Volkswagen dealer will provide you with a loaner vehicle for FREE if needed. Certain 2011-2016 model year Volkswagen vehicles. Your VIN is located on the lower left corner of your vehicle’s windshield, on your vehicle’s registration card, and it may also be shown on your vehicle insurance certificate.

What is the repair for Safety Recall 69W8? They will help you make arrangements to get your vehicle to the dealership and perform a diagnosis to determine what the problem is. What is the safety concern for Safety Recall 69W8? Please contact your local Volkswagen Dealership to schedule an appointment. The recall repair will be FREE. A deactivated airbag in case of a crash may increase the risk of an injury in a crash where an airbag deployment would have been necessary. VW Tiguan – Model Years 2015 – 2016 – USA. Any recall work your vehicle needs should be completed at a Volkswagen dealer as soon as possible. Know the recent Volkswagen technical service bulletins to keep driving safely, NHTSA Item Number: 10067556 After the new software is installed under this recall, the system may detect an internal fault that will require replacement of the airbag control module. What is the repair for Safety Recall 46H6? If a twisted tube is found, the hose as well as the airbag control module will be replaced. You can easily search by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and take the next step toward addressing your vehicle needs through a Volkswagen Recall Checklist. It will be possible to use the TSB Generator to meet VW requirements using two settings: 1. The recalled vehicles differ from non-recalled vehicles in that they may contain non-standard components and/or the actual build status of the recalled population was not properly documented by Volkswagen. Quote, originally posted by 200K » the rule of thumb on a TSB is "if" you go to the dealership and complain about a problem and it is a "known" problem the TSB should help them resolve it or isolate root cause. A burning odor or smoke coming from the front of the sunroof frame indicates that the sunroof LED module may have short circuited. To correct this defect, dealers will inspect and, if necessary, install missing headlight adjusting screw caps. Volkswagen will send you a letter via first-class mail notifying you that the repurchase process can begin for your vehicle. What is the repair for Compliance Recall 01D7? What is the repair for Compliance Recall 01D8? What will it cost to have a recall repair completed? What vehicles are included in Safety Recall 34J6? To correct this defect, dealers will install an additional switch and circuit board. To view the page, please use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, or Samsung IE. What vehicles are included in Safety Recall 47P8? What vehicles are included in Compliance Recall 01D7? The recall repair is FREE. What is the repair for Safety Recall 47P8?
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