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You can use Zeradias, Herald of Heaven to get the field spell out quickly or Terraforming would do even nicely. i think sanctuary might be more useful in future.

Too bad in duel links cloudian is trash tier because people use lots of position switching cards unlike in actual TCG.

Given her focus on Fairy monsters, The Sanctuary in the Sky and Cestus of Dagla felt like good fits, especially considering her signature.

That way, you have a backup in the event your opponent destroys the first card. Meltiel and Neo-Parshath are monsters that take advantage of the field spell. Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

I wish this was available outside of PVP. Build up Fog Counters using the other cloudian monsters, and end the duel with a high attack nimbusman to end the duel. Acid Trap Hole Tags: Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist. If you don't know which other card you want or need in your collection, I recommend getting two Sanctuaries. Deck Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Always have been. Divine Punishment is a strong trap card that can only be used when the field spell is face-up on the field. Also because many of your searching monsters will be sent to the graveyard quickly it is very handy to throw in Pot of Avarice for a fresh start. The Sanctuary in the Sky is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! cloudians are still trash tier in the actual TCG tho. This deck can become more indepth by concentrating on Airknight Parshath and Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin by converting it into a fairy toolbox deck. Not trash at all for farming in DL, though. Since Cloudian monsters can't be destroyed by battle, using them together with the field spell means that you can effectively stall the duel, mostly useful if you are farming certain duelists that can't destroy your monsters through card effects. Daniel Farke Height, Ps3 Remote Play Apk, Dua For Heart Strength, James Bay Brother, Decades Tv On Directv, Counting Backwards Worksheets, Harshad Chopda Wife In Real Life, Daihatsu Rocky For Sale Craigslist, Jophiel In The Bible, Case Of Latex Gloves, Mae Mae Renfrow, 2001 Miami Hurricanes Vs 2019 Lsu Tigers, Travail In Prayer, Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 14, Maryum Ali Wife, Cabins For Sale In Pine Idaho, How Tall Is Kate Box, Illyrian Language Words, Ikea Light Remote Pairing, Mots De La Même Famille Que Merveille, Minecraft Ambient Sounds, Kamie Roesler Ksfy Age, Christopher Russell Actor Facebook, Orangeburg County School District Pay Scale, Sirop Codéine Le Plus Fort, Ride Blade On Curb, Boinas De Gaucho, What Do Japanese Sushi Chefs Say When You Leave, Monte Booker Drum Kit Reddit, Minecraft Pe Mods, Is Gears Tv Legal, The Black Power Mixtape Script, Craigslist Basement For Rent In Manassas, Va, The Biology Of Cancer, 2nd Edition Ebook, Sonia And Fyza Net Worth, Ford Fiesta Rally Car Specs, Tom Caron Net Worth, Bmw Meaning Funny, Uworld Nclex Discount Code, Conditional Job Offer Usps, Cheri Steinfeld Age, Mauri Ora Meaning, Rare Backwoods Wholesale, Pet Cougar For Sale, Auckland Harbour Bridge Webcam, Bsa Factory Now, Narrative Essay Tense, Nine Days Essay, Most Complete Amiibo Set 2020, Paul Newman Height, Vicki Gunvalson Steve Lodge Split, Melissa Jimenez Singer, Doordash 100 Deliveries Bonus, Extinction Spawn Map, Tornado Book Pdf, Honda Cb650r Screen, Peter Drucker Management Pdf, " />


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