Information pertaining to off-duty education and training can best be obtained from what individual? d. Education transcripts and rating roadmaps.

Leading Petty Officer authority and responsibility falls into what two categories? A senior-subordinate relationship that is prejudicial to good order and discipline is referred to by what term? Sailors are required to verify Serviceman's Group Life Insurance(SGLI) beneficiary information at all of the following times, EXCEPT one?

You also observe another Sailor showing a new tattoo on his forearm that had previously been covered.

When interviewing a Sailor for the purposes of diagnosis or treatment, which of the following entities is NOT required to read the Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 31(b) memoranda to him/her? c. Aliens who are other than immigrant Aliens. He took 7 days leave over the New Years holiday. Conduct that creates a work environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating or hostile is best defined by what term? The paper form will still be accepted if a change to beneficiaries must be made and the Sailor has no access to internet, but it is recommended that the change be made online at the first available opportunity. If you meet the requirements for the Navy Good Conduct Medal, you also meet the requirements for: C. Reenlistment, overseas duty, and commissioning program. d. Promotable and recommended for retention.

a. Using SOES, service members may manage coverage amounts and name and update their beneficiaries. Sailors should lose their opportunity to negotiate orders what total number of months prior to the projected rotation date (PRD)? What special items are discussed at a Career Development Board? Sailors also have the option of paying online at SGLI coverage is available in increments of $50,000 to a maximum of $400,000.

The maximum effective range of a 9mm pistol is what specific distance?

You should find procedures for non-judicial punishment under what Uniform Code of Military Justice article? Which performance evaluations are NOT used to compute a Performance Mark Average? Which of the following is an apprenticeship designation? An evaluation for which of the following traits is NOT required for paygrades E-1 through E-3?

You are an E-2 and are eligible for advancement. Which of the following causes of premature death and illness is considered the most preventable? B. The Physical Readiness Program is outlined in what instruction? What instruction governs the wearing of civilian clothing for Navy personnel? In performance evaluations, a recommendation of Must Promote or Early Promote may not be assigned, when any individual performance trait is marked with what grade? You should submit which of the following documents? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. As of 080930, a PO3 had a leave balance of 12 days. A statement to the record about your performance evaluation is limited to what total number of pages, if any?

This entry was posted in personal finance, Uncategorized and tagged personal finance. What affiliations are discussed in a Career Development Board? Sailors are required to verify Serviceman's Group Life Insurance(SGLI) beneficiary information at all of the following times, EXCEPT one?

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