The disappearance of the Conduit unfortunately destabilizes Elysium, and the entire structure begins to collapse. Fan, whom the Indoline regarded as a Goddess, is given a state funeral, which Rex, Mythra, Nia and Dromarch attend.

Vertreter dieser in der Zeit der Großen Depression erfolgreichen antimodernistischen Richtung malten amerikanische Sujets realistisch und volksnah (American Scene Painting).

When he realizes that any damage inflicted on Pyra is also felt by Rex, he realizes Pyra may have, as a result, become mortal, and attempts to incapacitate her.

That's when he meets artist Lee Krasner, who puts her career on hold to be his companion, lover, champion, wife, and, in essence, caretaker. Malos, in the process of restoring his crystal, begins to steal Pyra's memories of Rex, despite Pyra's pleadings.

Jin then boards the ship, abandoning the party, prompting the latter to hurry up the World Tree. Vandham recognizes that Akhos is a member of Torna and resolves to help Rex in battle. Upon arriving at the empire's capital, they come across Muimui, a Nopon lab assistant to Professor Soosoo, Tora's deceased grandfather, and Tatazo, Tora's father.

Surprised by Pyra and Mythra's return, Poppi runs to embrace the two as the rest of the party look on. There, he receives a summons from Bana, chairman of the Guild. Amidst the chaos, a group of Tornans on the counter-Addam side took advantage of Addam's disappearance.

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