Lila would go on to kill Sergeant Doakes, who was one of the most popular characters on the show. the only consolation i can come up with is the fact she wanted to kill the kids too along with dexter in the fire.

anyway, lila is one of the best female characters i've got a chance to marvel at on television in a long long time.

Lila is an arsonist who is responsible for at least four fires: Lila West (under the alias Lila Tournay) is introduced as a recovering meth addict when Dexter is sent to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting by his girlfriend, Rita Bennett. I think alot of ppl also sympathized with Lila and her obsessive love for Dexter. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. Crystal is introduced to True Blood when Jason Stackhouse falls in love at first sight when he meets her for the first time. Rita got really hot. She really doesn’t serve a purpose any more, and it seems almost forced to get her involved in the story at this point. Studio executives used to have the notion that adding a child to the case of a show will make children want to watch it. The vast majority of Scrubs fans will agree that the show shouldn't have been continued, which can be seen by how much the ratings dropped towards the end. During a romantic dinner with Dexter, Lila lets Dexter know that she is including him in her future.

I’d like to see Rita discover what Dexter is (or at least has a darn good idea) and Dexter finds a way to get rid of her without getting caught.

when Dexter go to Paris and before killed her, he said she try to kill Rita's children, it seems that she deserve it. I thought she looked like mouse with her big ass ears but god did she get DIME, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. first.

Couldn't stand that character.

He played one of the Kyle Butlers.

The meetings and Lila's advice drive Dexter to delve deeper into trying to understand and overcome his dark side. Despite his attempts to avoid Lila, she invites herself to Dexter's bowling night with his coworkers. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dexter takes her into the field morgue and is surprised when she's not disgusted by the dismembered bodies.

I think it’s at the point where the producers know how much Rita is going to piss us off and they use her character as a contrast to how awesome Dexter is.

I hated Lila and I hated Rita.

The second antagonist with a similar fate was. The scene where Trinity walks through the police station and finds Dexter is one of the best I’ve ever seen in the series.

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lila? : dexter annoying