My own dawg died this morning.

Moral of the story – don’t put Tech graduates in charge of anything important. “I came to Lewis through Mark Twain,” said Oberst in a recent phone interview, connecting the dots between his one-man Twain show.

("When I write, I like to hear some noise", he wrote.)[4].

Lewis and I were fraternity brothers at UGA and he convinced me to quit wearing oaks in 1966 and I still do not wear socks except when its below 32 degrees.

I pulled into the Metter Mcdonalds for a coke when the announcement came over the radio. ', and 'Life is like a dogsled race. I am 49 years old and from the great state of North Carolina. I laugh & I cry because you wrote the truth about the south...one we can identify with.

His driver, James Shannon, was Los a good friend, who saved me many times from getting a DUI by taking me home.

Lewis checked out when the gettin' was good, I can't feel bad about that. You helped me through alot of hell, and never even knew it. I'll just find a woman I don't like and give her a house.”, “On a New York subway you get fined for spitting, but you can throw up for nothing.”, “Shoot low, boys.

He was voted "the Author From Hell" at a publishing convention for his behavior on book tours. Please, please, please, no embarrassing stunts or stupid Halloween costumes! My girlfriend (now my wife) and I still have the photographs of us with Lewis & the two books he autographed for us. ', 'Kinky sex involves the use of duck feathers. I wouldn’t go on a camping trip with anyone who drinks vodka or gin, either.

I miss his writing those hilarious books, world lost one of the best writers ever. Welcome back. I also loved his cassette recording titled "Don't believe I'da told that. To mark this anniversary, the AJC presents this obituary from the f But besides preserving and distilling Grizzard’s legacy for fans who miss him, the show has been a lucrative goldmine for the diminishing Grizzard empire. Lewis: I miss you every day. Please allow 24 hours for your entry to be reviewed for appropriate content. If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes.”, “There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.”, “I want my chicken fried, gravy on my steak, and I want my green beans cooked and my tomatoes served raw.

My mother loves collecting depression glass, we go to 2nd hand stores, antique malls etc...I lost her May 26, 2011 to Breast Cancer.

I miss reading his books so much. Sic'em Woof! [1] He later recalled this as the most miserable period of his life. That is, you had to buy your booze from a bootlegger in order to keep the church people happy.”, We’d love your help.

I loved this man’s humor and his ability to take the simple and make it funny and facinating.

This & That, Art & Exhibitions I love Lewis Grizzard, there will never be another author as great as he was. Had he survived, he would have been quite impaired. I can only imagine the columns he would be writing today with the new technology and the pants around the young men's knees. 20 years ago this Spring, I was driving back from Savannah to Atlanta on a Sunday mid day. So it was not surprising when actor Bill Oberst Jr.—a stage and film actor with the chameleon-like ability to portray such controversial figures as Jesus, John F. Kennedy, Woody Allen and Mark Twain with a commanding physical resemblance and formidable acting skills—found himself reviving Grizzard’s act for what he thought would be a one-off tribute on CMT hosted by Foxworthy. Lewis, It's been 17 years and I still miss you. In 1977, Grizzard returned to Atlanta as a columnist for the sports section of the Atlanta Constitution newspaper. In 1988, Grizzard made his acting debut on the sitcom Designing Women,[1] in the episode "Oh Brother", which first aired on 18 January 1988. He lives on in our hearts!

I noticed it today and went online to learn all I can about you and Catfish. The internet and devices like Kindles have opened up a new opportunity for people to enjoy his work but I truly believe Lewis would have turned his nose up at the whole scene. If you never heard Lewis Grizzard "Sitting Up with the Dead" then you haven't laughed. We miss you Lewis, the world is a much too serious place these days. I have enjoyed many of Lewis Grizzard’s books and once was able to go to one of his shows.

My wife gave me a couple of framed pictures from his museum that still hang on my walls today.

Oberst, a Southerner who was familiar with Grizzard, liked the character and was receptive to the idea. Lewis - Many years ago my sainted wife took me to one of your live shows in Greensboro, NC - she bought the best tickets possible and we sat right down front - I laughed so hard that when I woke up the next morning my chest hurt so bad I had trouble drawing a deep breath, thanks for a great show - I've read many of your books also. RSS Entries and RSS Comments. I have read all his books.

That means someone is paying the bill to keep it plugged in and the beer cold but they have had nothing to add for 16 years. He had that great sense of humor until the very end.

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My lunch buddies talked about you and Catfish today at Rotary. Send your deepest condolences with fresh flowers. Grizzard's books always went with me, they were a great way to kill time during those mind-numbing, leg-cramping flights i had to take everywhere.

What a great teaching aid that would be! They are all good and typical of the humor from the rural culture of that period in the south. I got this half-lab/half Aus.Shepherd about the same time that Catfish died. Your work was timeless and a whole new generation is getting to know and love you.

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