As part of the Visiting Scientists program, Cecilia Sanders, a second-year graduate student in geological and planetary sciences, recently coached a second-grade class at Pasadena Unified School District's Cleveland Elementary School through a hands-on exercise using color-coded paper representing genes to teach how snippets of DNA can determine an animal's color, size, and shape.

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CORE GROUP. "When I started, I was never systematically trained as a teacher. Lum will formally assume the position on September 1, 2019. Undergraduates can definitely see some of these newer ideas in teaching appear in the lecture hall and classroom. Joseph Shepherd, vice president for student affairs, notes that five years later, though still small, CTLO has amassed a portfolio of several dozen programs that have had an outsized impact on education on campus and established itself "as an integral part of the Institute. These popular programs include Visiting Scientists, which features graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who volunteer in local schools to conduct hands-on science lessons, and Science Night, in which Caltech undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars conduct science demonstrations for students and parents at local schools.

In January 2016, she sought help from CTLO to improve her Physics 129 b class. MC 155-44, Pasadena, CA 91125.

Other programs offer seminars and workshops featuring speakers, such as Caltech Feynman Teaching Prize winners and other guest speakers, to help teachers become more effective. Photo: Max Gerber for Caltech. JENNY WEAVER. Gil Refael for his encouragement and logistical support Chris Mach for tech supportFreddy Mora & Nam Ung for logistical support with hiring and course managementZachary Tobin for support with logistics and in-class demos, Partial Funding for the course was provided by the Caltech Physics Department, Academic Media Technologies at CaltechLeslie Maxfield for helping organize and putting together all the media logisticsGina Chen for editing, compiling the videos, and putting together the promo video Adam Cochran for legal advice related to the online use of the material, Center for Teaching Learning and Outreach (CTLO) at CaltechDr. And I'll never get tired …

Unfortunately this webpage is no longer being maintained; however, I would love to connect with you. Working Meeting 2018.

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Caltech Engineering and Applied Science faculty work at the edges of fundamental science to invent the technologies of the future.

Antonio Rangel, the Bing Professor of Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology, and Economics, says CTLO has had a significant impact on his teaching and research, and has been instrumental in creating and gradually improving his Ec 11 course, which has been using a flipped classroom model for the last four years and is also offered as an online course for non-Caltech students.Working with the office, he says, gave him insights into "how to teach effectively on different media and led me to completely change the way I teach inside Caltech and online.

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