%PDF-1.3 ���k�p~��K�����Q���s����| – Subjects of any age, ethnicity and appearance. h��kO�H���H��UE�>��*��E[.�в⃛L����Ʀ���{��$�.���u������y�Ȉ0"-����(F�Dqb4���%��Q�p��V.�&Ћka���p�,BB/G�6�hF��3��� 0��ΒH��

Frustrated Embarrassed Sad Mad Happy Scared Loved ")����UD[h1�M"�d��,9�}?�gq�d)=%����d�w�����a��=#����W�>f�8I��t�:�x��SO="�=��8�����5�/��/�":����&�>ws�)|�� .��zI��kD��c"�k~7�E��yVw��t�O���*o�d� |�㳼��?R�r�¤��>��sO���(�M�1��a�O���C�i�C�ٵ���8�����8+ݽ)��E 7�C�lZ����8~���c�r�|�ӂ8)�N�A6��tH=�7�qф�E��NhJ3:�S?K�!�ќ��x�iA��/z�^T9��$�Ǘ9���Ң��nη"��Nc8�n/{(s���Pp���~������bO���x�������C¢��:(�q2褗cO�~���|F�#�%�"��?��� O���4ͼ��a�^ҳ$��y2��Kfy������(���>�U.��]/0�/‚q��(?G�7�>�� You can investigate feelings related to what you’re feeling at the moment, or examine the feelings at the opposite end of the feeling to see how you might transform or alchemize your experience. x�[M�� �ׯ('�ݞ��\R����6�%� ��dć `���Q$�UTO{ց�iw�EI�I�~�6�2���9?�����������O_ ��i��e��yv���it�tn� �ϯ۴��䇗��//~t�������o��u����>��~���x�.J���������i������GmK?g��9���c$y����Y�uZ���2�!��F=���Zb�>Np��%N�'��4�^����M�ĉ ����?G�@=LӶ=�c���4��4��p#�`~d�V���r�f�۹cr��J�2I�稣�vktλiۗ�ԐF���,��#{�Р�k�|bU�,�u������F>1�����


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furious ecstatic thrilled sad mad frustrated disappointed happy miserable. f|9��o�KRC��D[jFhX "�"���[email protected]�qn�|Y���m}�|~?��\M^P+KC3�ͷ���e��=jx^ �~�)Ƞ�h�|��h�Tl:��L �}/

Relaxation Thermometer Mad Relaxed Take 3 deep breaths 1. . Increase your emotional intelligence and awareness with this tool. This list is neither exhaustive nor definitive.

Lm�3�W��؅rbd�J(����S�����f���4������0>�Z>4�&�'����~.d8ba����E����`���XbPq��iv��\�3kP���h���Bkck���*��S�«��/�F�MU��H��n̜eA�N1X *���@����3���Sׂ�꣙��A�2�'�P.�4W"���Ҙ}D����W�U΃Qd��*�Ԍ\LZ���IN��uA*Ŋ+;'�

]-<3��L�;�C���N�z �f.൫I�}tNK�D�V 15 JCIS 2007, Salt Lake City Automatic Facial Expression Analysis Ideal System: – Automatic facial image acquisition.

– No special markers/make-up required. Use Feelings List from Resources as needed SUN Morning Afternoon Evening MON Morning Afternoon Evening TUE Morning Afternoon Evening WED Morning Afternoon Evening THU Morning Afternoon Evening FRI Morning Afternoon Evening SAT Morning ȷ�+�W,��.ˌQ�%,>D���C �a���E��킂ݣ����ӊ� �NG> I now offer it here as a free downloadable and printable PDF. – Automatic face detection. %��������� JS�^5�Q�p�iK�x�|K�ĭ��Q�I[���A��L�=�L�"풶���߁���G�&�Dw��P� ��a�T�'l�6


It is important to teach children words to use to express feelings in replace of the use of challenging behavior.

– Robust to partially occluded faces.

�}������1�j��U�rZ�� �'���Mg6������`�pt��ǽ�we�g���Z8`QY��a��QeA���K��H�XF�)�6�b�g�%ZcI�CE =�F*��5�vF9��>�-1�XM�4�r-�8�+�E�o0�H��X◵�[�XiW)f�V�٧�=��*�Q���.nH4��h�Y�Y��3�+����at�.

– Robust to variation in lightning. #��2�l���R� �QaK�H��d�[email protected]���D6mh� ��7$Z��5��ex-�^��bTK�QmG�� y�у �902���4d��e�TFq�>�^q�D���R���0�ƥ�@�H�`*J�ķ }��U)��lK��xGob�L䢸K䢺�V(_e��¢�^���W,��W�L��

. �-�)�ֳ��"�{t�G���u�� UŊ>��/K1�{Iy�&�����"� �ZJQbZ�B5��#��v�2]��W���/�mV��9ln4����pO1�H�Ϫ�0&nY� �b�vh)V`���Y���[email protected]٘����1M!�7t�G��V7���5�N�'�R����0�V�%RO{��U;Y$yK���$x��$x`6gYIuC��\� {T.���L읢>e�E

The feeling posters can be used in 2 . Feeling Wheel Frustrated Embarrassed Scared Lonely Nervous Happy Sad Mad. '����َqp�M��!�h�"����e\~/�[�&��������t��5D�2B&�>��T�/���Hs�R����� )�O�m:�v��o��.d���a�N߾� ���[Yhl�������/K����Pya��I=���6�f��N+�3�)�H= �Z��1��q���)�����'�2��_�l�UX^^�$kHĎ��2�[�Լ">V�N�w�jm�]�ܞ""N���,H(� sKB!M�1�/�S�4�p����r����m����/���ln��EŤ��6Q�P ��Py1)l�tIC'_����ί8.��åq�o�=�q�� p�[�q+D�SD�?G`nA�b]2�6,?��� aN9rk�.�v�ŞUR� ���_ʼn��r*�[¸". I compiled a list of feelings and human emotions many years ago for use in my counselling sessions. Feelings Sheet *Record your feelings 3 times per day. Download the free PDF with an extensive list and charts of feelings and human emotions For your choice of feelings chart – scroll right down.

+�c arrogant mad cross retaliating overbearing incensed upset irritated controlling agitated antagonistic reprimanding envious disturbed reactive abrupt deprecating quarrelsome stubborn rebellious exhausted exasperated impatient contrary disrespectful blindsided unpleasant annoyed dictatorial shaky sharp snapping.


�l[2��@C�!�bK���V��0�����b^�K�n�6)LN]�Oq�ݫ� �:�ǹk}�Y�[� �1�}��?���N��04 �"=x��\��O5Q�M�m�b�,�_���%�G.��5�mh4U�,É�P�6nTA��׏O�O&�����8��#S�8Ɓ]*�$: ���}����w���䃂>���Hl_h;����l:X����V]���H˭�t`6�1��˹ѐ�T����m��u����'x�y��,�2�A?�86OiH���߮?��n��s��ǃæL?pX�����?u��6������cUD�Fk�9�L ̶MELd�����ҝ�X);{��[&����+��@�~�=,�,��12��{�0J��1Mo��;7/�H����� ��$F,5�0�C�6��}a�;04H��#���a����["��K�>�����U.�:ۦy��9g����V�� Title: Feelings Wheel 2011 Feelings Wheel (1) Author: Bret Stein Created Date: 20120104213426Z

�\_���nny�v��v���0��3��|�>�z�\T�C���{�����$Z��657�*Z��#�j�$��I�H����Sru��Nc&y��댫A�GOǨ6#t5ᣈ>M�x��R��M���~�������5�C�nuSg�qE[���Q�ހ��9ۣ{�\~h��7}`OA�b�d�4�IL$�H��1�b'AB�iAe %x��[ޣ(��&����y|�^ɹ��=��LUź)�����{�9X���vm�mw�b�^�ALWQR��.4�@�E�~��7q����X['�D�ť�@�NӥYb���M ��eG�S�,.�.���:X��VV��+,��VZ�K�³O���|k���f��T��Sr�0�����#�.=�bZ��r*��q��� �9"av��@�����4Q����m�2&o���(Ɉbu:�F�C��P�_�T. 69 0 obj <>stream [�����*��c�m��dFT(�� !v �i��;R�Bb.C,ꁨ��(��F��,�/�|-���4j���Zylؤ��S����C����į�~o�E�6��&����?�� Feeling Faces: This is how I feel today! Feelings Inventory The following are words we use when we want to express a combination of emotional states and physical sensations. %PDF-1.6 %����

You may encourage children to color in each feeling face as well! .

<< /Length 6 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> 3 Adapted from Incredible Years Dinosaur School. �]�F�����O�~o�ϫF|���prt�}-��@Dh՛)�j���KF܅�1��� �jZ$���"��}�Y�e��;���i��my]? h�2U0P���w�/�+Q0���L)�����T��$���� �w� endstream endobj 70 0 obj <>stream

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feelings list with faces pdf