"None at all. Follow/Fav Doctors and Companions Watch Doctor Who. Tell you what, how 'bout we all go round and do introductions.

And then maybe once Sherlock leaves papers and dinners behind, he'll find something better. "Well isn't this fun, who exactly put you in charge?" By: Bluer Than The TARDIS. They say oddity runs in the Family, and Innocet would be the last one to deny it.Caught in cross fires between the ruling elites of the Capitol, Innocet is forced to leave Gallifrey. 10 practically sobbed. He replied like it was obviously the best decision in the world. You can use any Doctor in this one. Multiple Doctors (Doctor Who) Companions Meet Companions (Doctor Who) Summary. You'd Really Choose Twitter Over Time Travel?! "Okay, I'm Rose Tyler. "Now, seeing as I'm the only one who knows who everyone here is, I'd say that puts me in charge.". The crew gather around to enjoy a show Scotty discovered in university. Also I'm going to make my ships canon bc I'm self-indulgent. Chapter 1 actually starts after S11E7 of SPN and before S11E1 of CM.

8/24/2017 c9 RandomRaptor Awesome story so far! When Clara, Danny, Amy, Rory, Martha, Mickey, Wilfred, Donna, Jackie, Rose, and maybe some others of your choice are taken to a weird place with a TV, they are to watch the harsh truth about the Doctor, the Time Lords, and Gallifrey. Danielle "Dani" Winchester has one hell of a life. Or at least i think it is. Thirteen and Rose had been married for decades now, but things can never be easy for the immortal couple, especially when an unknown entity summons their past to their doorstep.Well, TARDIS step.

", When she didn't answer, he decided it was time to get back to business. I'm Amy Pond, this is my husband Rory, and we're traveling with the bow-tie-wearing dork over there." The thirteen people listed above were dumped into a room. Clara looked questioningly at the Doctors. "My name's Donna Noble and I'm traveling with, erm, pinstripes." Married, freelancing, and kicking alien butt. Some canon divergence. "Hi everyone. Eleven had managed to get himself up in the air, but hadn't really stopped once he was there and continued to fall onto the floor.

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