I currently have 32GB 2x16 3200 duel rank b die kit from gskill. My 960 Pro has an average operating temperature of 44 degrees Celsius. 0000008375 00000 n A new voltage called VPP was also introduced; VPP is the voltage for the electrical high for DRAM row access. “1.5v is the absolute max we allow for XMP certifications. Subscribe to our newsletter for news, insights and other cool stuff. DDR3 memory operates at 1.5V, so running 1.5V on Haswell-E shouldn’t be a big deal, but we all know that lower voltages are better. 0000095503 00000 n

The setup here is pretty simple. TEAMGROUP announces its industrial DDR4 memory module product with leading technology. So I've worked out it's a bad airflow problem I am upgrading my case but till then I will keep the side panel off, with the case open and no sidepanel I get 32-35c on the dimm's but with the side panel on I get 40-45c depending on the room temp... DDR4 is fine until at least the 70c range. 14-14-14-14-30 / T1 / power/gear down enabled / 60 ohm / 1.45volts. I wanted to get more out of this b die kit but it being duel rank ill be happy with just 3200 speed. Errors after prolonged runs can indicate thermal creep on the RAM. My DDR4 is at 45c while the test is running just bellow or at 40c idle. Preferential offers download activities: When you participate in this website’s preferential offer download activities, under your approval, we will ask you to provide your basic information for statistical analysis. 0000151443 00000 n

Unless I try to go higher.

Bit Organization 6.

They have high compatibility, stability and excellent performance, vastly reducing product compatibility issues.

The Crucial and ADATA kits both provide nice headroom, and make for great value purchases. TEAMGROUP announces its industrial DDR4 memory module product with leading technology. I used RYZEN d ram calculator for my timings bemuse stock was not stable. Armed with an information systems degree, a deep understanding of circuitry, and a passion for tech, Steven (handle Sin0822) enjoys sharing his deep knowledge with others. Thanks for the reply, I'm currently running 3466mhz with FAST preset from DRAM Calculator so kind of tight timings at 1.4v but CASE OFF 32-34c and case on its 40-45c huge difference, I will also mention it passed 12 hours of Memtest HCI and the paid one that's recommended on these forums with 0% errors even when reaching 45c. 0000127210 00000 n First up, we have the Crucial 32GB (8GBx4) 2133MHz Micron based kit. Technically, no “safe” (guaranteed) OC over-voltage but 1.35v or lower is best.” – Intel.

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Any warmer or any colder and it gets a bit unhappy. This means two things: first, your 3rd timings are tighter, and performance is improved; and second, your 3rd timings are tighter, and your maximum speed has decreased. You will notice that the word "training" pops up a lot throughout the sequence. Transcend's ESD370C/ESD350C portable solid state drive features palm-sized portability, an aluminum alloy, an elegant, navy blue silicone rubber case that's durable, ruggedized and shock-resistant, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface for next-level transfer rates, and a USB Type-C port, bringing you never-before-seen speeds of up to 1,050MB/s. # of Internal Banks 0000152869 00000 n New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the overclocking community.

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Source, Micron 85 deg.c sounds good, give or take. DDR4 memory is very new and we haven’t been told by anyone what the safe range is for DDR4 memory, which is a bit strange if you think about it. You need to run this lower with multiple ranks per channel. In fact, you can put your RAM voltage to 1.5V and tighten your timings, and as long as the tREFI is set properly you should not have any more errors. Note that I didn't touch any of the other timings, and they are super loose at 32x in comparison to lower dividers. 0000002769 00000 n xref VENGEANCE RGB PRO Series performance PCB is custom designed and extensively tested to provide absolutely zero compromise between style and speed. This kit actually features the same type of Hynix memory as the G.Skill kit - just not as binned. Hynix C doesn't even have a temp sensor so I'm flying blind, but my pook voodoo idol keeps them nice and cool.

No problem, they are fine up to 80 degrees.

The key to tightening some timings seemed to lie more with higher voltage than anything else. Just wondering what the max safe temp for ddr4 was. 0000152537 00000 n

I sent an email to G.Skill a few months ago and that's the number they gave. DDR4 is pretty resilient; although default DDR4 voltage is 1.2v, I have run at 1.5v on-air many times without active memory cooling. Representing the most recent generation of double-data-rate (DDR) SDRAM memory, DDR4 and low-power LPDDR4 together provide improvements in speed, density, and … %%EOF With the improvement of BIOSs, memory manufacturing, and motherboards, I think we will see kits in the mid-3600MHz range within the next year. They have been through strictly controlled processes and manufactured under rigorous process.

Signals don't always reach their destination at the same time, so small delays are introduced to ensure that all signals are synced the way they should be. 0000150966 00000 n G.Skill has this kit rated at 3200MHz, but it is also only 16GB. DDR4 is rated up to 85’c.

You might also be happy to know that Intel has brought back real-time timing changes in Windows!

Timings, timings everywhere! Now you know what the save voltage range is for DDR4 memory! 0 0000151238 00000 n 0000002560 00000 n With DDR3, it is apparent that single-sided modules overclock higher, but don't perform as well at the same speeds as double-sided DIMMs.

Mine's currently at 11695 and am looking for more stability.

However, 45C is pretty low for such errors so I can tell your tREFI is set too high. %PDF-1.6 %���� They are available in 1.2V low operating voltage, and with Wide Temperature feature which is able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. This company will completely save your personal information in our information storage system and use tight protection measures to prevent unauthorized personnel from getting in contact with it. startxref I sent an email to G.Skill a few months ago and that's the number they gave. In order to provide personalized services, this website only uses cookies to help smoother operation of this website, and will not trace or save any actions you’ve performed outside of this website; please pay special attention that when you connect to other websites from this website, other websites might have different cookies policies and regulations, this website cannot control and is not responsible for these policies or regulations. DDR4 is fine until at least the 70c range. The only CPU voltage you need to change for memory overclocking is the VCCSA, or system agent voltage. This is useful information for the community and we pretty sure that we weren’t the only ones that were curious how much power you could throw at the memory kit before the memory controller on the processor would being to get angry. 1.45V is perfectly fine, so the solution is usually just point a fan at the RAM. I know those are safe temp for stock JDC but with overclocked ram does higher heat cause instability? Ram is the most time consuming overclock.. to specify if that temp is the same for all DDR4 or was this based on a specific model (b-die?). High voltages and temps means shorter lifespan of the chips.

0000152081 00000 n Nevertheless, DDR4 kits are pricey, and as with anything that costs you a kidney, it is good practice to get to know your purchase inside and out. United States: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon.com, United Kingdom: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon.co.uk, Australia: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon.com.au, Canada: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon.ca, Deutschland: Finde andere Technik- und Computerprodukte wie dieses auf Amazon.de. If you don't know your account and password, please e-mail to [email protected] to obtain one. For DDR4, JEDEC decided to introduce an external VRM that provides a 2.5v electrical high voltage for the word line (row access). DDR4 Trident Z RGB DC (dual capacity modules) safe temperatures ? This is what happens if I boot up at auto timings (19-17-17-44), and then change them in Windows (marked as "Untrained"). With those settings and the other sub timings I'm able run hcidesign Memtest PRO to 1000% but I always get 1 error? i am using 2x16gb sticks 32gb total of corsair vengeance pro rgb, the temps are around 38c to 39c sometimes 40c is that ok?? 10493 0 obj <> endobj My ram can get as high as 38-39c while gaming mind you its overclocked but a few people have told me to stay under 45c, was just wondering if anybody has a source from AMD or some knowledge base that it causes issues being 45c or higher. With tREFI set properly you should experience no errors even at 50-60C. Stable RAM can act unstable if they get too warm and their tolerance to temp goes down the more aggressive your timings/clocks are. Copyright @ 2017 Team Group Inc. All Right Reserved. I would suggest that for very high-speed DIMMs, stability might be better with the 1.25x divider, as the tuning on higher multipliers might not be perfect when compared with lower multipliers. Space Key Features. However, good DDR4 memory will run at 1.35v up to 3200.

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