What loaf of bread monster catfish Chernobyl will swallow first, the same team will lose the game. Being large and in charge takes a lot of energy, which is why we almost never see sick fish reaching their full growth potential. Fishing in … Later, people caught the same size catfish. Ghost town thanks to one mistake; Pictures. Some do the ice fishing and look for such Chernobyl fish as a pike perch or a pike. What problems caused the Chernobyl disaster? This is due to the fact that overgrown banks protect fish in Chernobyl from unwelcomed visitors. There are some permitted places for having a rest and going fishing in the Chernobyl zone. Fishing in Chernobyl is mainly given good comments: As you see, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of fishing in Chernobyl. But it is possible to catch such Chernobyl fish as a carp and a crucian there. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. There are some unusual places for fishing in Chernobyl. Ghost town thanks to one mistake; Pictures. In a world bursting with news, nature is our niche – and we love it that way.

Another photo with mutations in Chernobyl look on a separate page of the site. The Masquerade : He knows that something is going on in Chernobyl, but has been told to keep quiet. Others say, that mutant fish Chernobyl can predict the results of football matches. The main aim is to catch such Chernobyl fish as a sazan. Approximately from the second half of March till the last days of October. Chernobyl nuclear reactor: description and type, Chernobyl sarcophagus: Chernobyl nuclear power plant sarcophagus, Liquidators Chernobyl: who are these people, What happened in Chernobyl: the causes of the accident, Chernobyl Mutations in Humans and Animals, Pripyat. As a result, you are extremely pleased with your long-awaited trophy. According to Ukrainian laws fishing in the territory is prohibited. It is obvious, that after the disaster in the Chernobyl reservoirs people often meet river monsters Chernobyl. Catfish in Chernobyl are peculiar symbol of life itself. There are even such gossips, that some Chernobyl mutated catfish helped the employees of the station to make handsome sums of money in such way. "Very, very few mutations lead to extra-large size," explains University of South Carolina radiation specialist Dr Timothy Mousseau. Seeing a catfish near a surface is very rare but see them eating a bread makes it even more interesting. The mouth of  Pripyat and its bays are the most popular places for fishing in Chernobyl. When a new video of catfish patrolling the cooling pond of the Chernobyl power plant surfaced online earlier this month, it didn't take long for the usual cries of "monster fish!" Ghost town thanks to one mistake, Chernobyl animal mutations: pictures of the affected animal world, Chernobyl explosion: pictures of the largest nuclear accident in history, Chernobyl firefighters hospital – pictures he terrible consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, Сhernobyl dome – pictures of the object, preventing the dangerous radiation, Chernobyl elephant’s foot: photo the most dangerous radioactive object on Earth, Chernobyl disaster – pictures of the disaster and its consequences, Deaths of Chernobyl – pictures of the terrible consequences of the 1986, Chernobyl fish: pictures of the fauna and the city of Chernobyl after the disaster, Chernobyl amusement Park – pictures amusement Park 30 years later, Chernobyl control room: pictures of the disaster site 30 years later, Chernobyl Children’s Pictures in Abandoned Kindergarten of Pripyat, Video and Pictures of the Chernobyl New Sarcophagus, Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power, How Nuclear Stress Test Can Help Save Your Heart, The Effects of Radiation on the Human Body, Hiroshima History – Two targets for destruction. Excursions in winter and autumn time will not leave you disappointed and indifferent, either. And in Ukraine it happens in such way: it is just enough to throw to mutant fish in Chernobyl two loaves of bread with the names of football teams “Shahter” and “Dynamo”. What we can state undoubtedly, is that the question referring to their giant sizes always will be disputable. Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari managed to catch and release this colossal wels back in May, and as you can see, its size far surpasses that of the "radioactive monsters" filmed in Chernobyl: Chernobyl's cooling pond offers the catfish populations an isolated habitat, one that's free from predators and packed with ample prey.

Make sure you stocked up enough drinking water and took dosimeter with yourself. Catfish are both active predators and scavengers, known to feed on, This brings us to our next point: catfish have been cruising Chernobyl's cooling pond, dramatic editing, pulse-pounding music, ominous voiceover and, oh, some. So, it is obvious, that the level of protection is higher. After several days of visiting Pripyat river, most of them expect to get a rich catch of Ukraine som fish. Someone caught it and left it die on the ground under the bridge for fun.

Be especially careful while cooking fish soup. We should remind that before the disaster the fish infrastructure was well-developed in the Chernobyl region. This is also the reason (among many others) why we must rule out radiation as a possible explanation for the size of this "Fukushima mutant" wolffish. You will not believe, because it sounds paradoxically and shockingly, but radiation is not the source of their growth. Yearly, it provided from 2900 to 3000 tons of fish from fish farms and about 580 to 600 tons from total reservoirs. What happens with the buyers of such fish still remains a mystery for us. And the most unsafe Chernobyl catfish live in the cooling pond The later data shows that the rate of radiation of radioactive fish of Chernobyl in Pripyat is above the norm in 3 to 10 times.

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