"[90] The public prosecutor filed a lawsuit against her the following day, once again for inciting racial hatred. Trintignant at the time was married to actress Stéphane Audran. The following year she co-starred with Anthony Perkins in the comedy Une ravissante idiote (1964). After she stopped acting, she decided to become an animal rights activist. She achieved international recognition in 1957 for her role in the controversial And God Created Woman, and also caught the attention of French intellectuals. After she and Charrier divorced in 1962, Nicolas was raised in the Charrier family and had little contact with his biological mother until his adulthood. Rather than wear a wig to hide her naturally brunette hair she decided to dye her hair. In it Bardot portrays an immoral teenager cavorting in a bikini who seduces men in a respectable small-town setting. To Bardot this was an undesirable pregnancy which she once compared to having a tumor growing within her.

[8] Ocean breezes are common all year round. 2013. [18][19], In a 2001 article named, Open Letter to My Lost France, she said: "...my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims."[17][19]. [17] The incident decisively led to Bardot resenting her parents, and to her future rebellious lifestyle. While she was a movie actress she starred in 48 movies. [62][73] Her husband Bernard d'Ormale is a former adviser of the National Front (now National Rally), the main far-right party in France, known for its nationalist and conservative beliefs. In addition to popularizing the bikini swimming suit, Bardot has also been credited with popularizing the city of St. Tropez and the town of Buzios, Brazil, which she visited in 1964 with her boyfriend at the time, Brazilian musician Bob Zagury.

In her 2003 book, A Scream in the Silence, she warned of the “Islamicization of France”, and said of Muslim immigration: In the book, she talks about her close homosexual friends, comparing them to today's homosexuals who, "jiggle their bottoms, put their little fingers in the air and with their little castrato voices moan about what those ghastly heteros put them through". She was also honored along the oceanfront path with a bronze statue made by Christina Motta.

The trial[84] concluded on 3 June 2008, with a conviction and fine of €15,000, the largest of her fines to date. [31] The bikini was in the 1950s relatively well accepted in France but was still considered risqué in the United States.

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