But even a novice can paddle one – they’re designed to make you a better canoeist. Just thought I would add a few words, & some pictures of my MorningStar in the BlackGold lay-up. The Kevcrystal material is light yet has proven to be strong for our purposes. Two paddlers can really bring this boat up to speed and cover distance. (which after reading the "royalex canoe" post I'm still debating whether to drill hull or loops under gunwales)

No problems landing fish or casting. $1900.00.

!Rock Solid.15' 6" x 32" Wide x 13" DeepCapacity = 950lbs.Max. I've paddled it in windy and calm conditions. Its down side was its limited load capacity, and it did not handle rough water as well as the Escape. This has never been on a long trip- just used for short day paddles and always stored inside. At a price under $1000 on sale, I don't get all freaked out when it gets hung up on a rock or bangs into something. I have used it a couple dozen times mostly in tidal rivers here along coast and on some old rice flats chasing redfish. (Did I mention how nice the 52 lb. Our beloved 15’ Red Royalex Bell Canoe was stolen from our house Saturday night.Reward. I was worried about the Northwind's performance when I asked on some class II-III rapids, but I decided to take it anyway (between plastic and glass, plastic made more sense). With two Collies and a Granddaughter aboard she is very dependable and even if everyone decides to lean over the same side at the same time to get a better view of a passing duck the superb secondary stability kicks in and the gunwales kiss the water, and whilst those on the river bank gasp and start looking for a lifebuoy we just carry on paddling. I was considering the Minnesota II but although lighter and faster it would not double as a solo boat. On our quetico trips we had to try major weight shifting to get it to handle better. Not only do they do the best job with design, fit and finish but they have both patience and a sense of humor in dealing with pesky customers. I've had it for a year and a half now, and made dozens of trips including lakes, and class I and II rivers. Boat was loaded completely with cooler, water, camping gear and my recurve, arrows, etc...plus clothing in waterproof bags. Bell Morningstar. Known to be the most seaworthy, yet fast, canoe available. Willing to throw paddles in for asking price. Fit and finish is excellent and a kneeling thwart was a great addition. The location of the yoke on my boat makes the stern heavy when portaging, but with paddles strapped in the front, it rides level. Listed for just $1,350 cash.Nic, Bell Magic Canoe (Like New) – BlackLite (Carbon)This canoe is in great shape. I submitted a review back 4-23-2001. The cane seats are comfortable on long trips, and more versatile than tractor seats (Wenonah stock option) when fishing and moving about. Since this is really a recreational canoe, it seems to me that most people will be sitting and that it should come stock in a level position...who fishes from a kneeling position? At 17'6" this vessel is a bit long for the average solo paddler, but as a tandem, this boat really moves and tracks quite well. Just weighed it again and it said 41, so I'm not sure which is closer.

As an experienced canoeist, I can appreciate a boat that bespeaks stability at every wave. Some have said initially it feels a little tippy--we did not find that to be the case. It tracks perfectly and glides like a dream. While on a back road at Lake Meade my rear cam strap slipped off the end of the bar and when I hit a did the canoe shifted foward and tipped down then back up.

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