If anyone from amongst those who have received the Khande di Pahul had not earlier been named in accordance with the Sikh Naming Ceremony, he should renounce his previous name and be given a new name beginning with first letter of the Hukam now taken. After the administration of the Amrit in the above way, the Bani of Anand Sahib is recited followed by the prayer and random reading of a verse from Guru Granth Sahib. Secondly, theAmrit is sprinkled five times into the eyes and heads of the candidates. These six may even include Sikh women. 1. Support us, lets distribute it online. Amrit Sanchar or Amrit Parchar or Khanda-ki-Pahul is the term used to refer to the Sikh baptism ceremony. Wear the five Ks-i.e., uncut hair, sword, comb, underwear and the steel bracelet 4. e. Anyone seeking Khande di Pahul again, having committed an aberration, should be singled out and the five beloved ones should award chastisement to hinilber in the presence of the congregation. Deal with persons who have no belief in God 2. Also present should be six committed Amritdhari Sikhs, one of whom should sit in attendance of the Guru Granth Sahib and the other five should be there to administer the Khande di Pahul. The candidates are interviewed and if found worthy of initiation are called at the specified place at the fixed date and time. h. The bowl should be of pure steel and it should be placed on a clean steel ring or other clean support. k. Each of the five beloved ones who recites the scripture should hold the edge of the bowl with his left hand and keep stirring the water with a (Khanda) double-edged sword held in his right hand. * And recite, or listen in to the recitation of, the under mentioned scriptural compositions, the daily repetition of which is ordained, every day : (1) The Japuji Sahib, (2) The Jaap Sahib, (3) The Ten Sawayyas (Quartrains), beginning “sarawag sudh”, (4) The Sodar Rahiras and the Sohila. Many men and women will also add the family name of Khalsa. Anyone seeking re-initiation after having resiled from their previous vows may be assigned a penance by the five administering initiation before being re-admitted. * Your spiritual father is now Guru Gobind Singh Sahib and the spiritual mother, Mata Sahib Kaur ji. The ceremony's other title, Khande Di Pahul ("baptism by Khanda"), not only embodies the primary objects of Sikh faith and the promises connected therewith, but also is itself a promise to lead a pure and pious life, so as to unite with the Almighty Lord. Amrit, the Sikh ceremony of rebirth takes place in a clean and secluded location at any chosen time.To begin the Khalsa initiation ceremony, a Sikh attendant carries the Guru Granth to a low draped platform. You must ever be ready for the service of the Panth and of the Gurdwaras (Sikh places of worship). o. Whatever Amrit is left over after the administration of the Khande di Pahul (Amrit) to all individual seekers, should be sipped by all (men and women) Amritdharies, together. g. On an affirmative response from the seekers of Khande di Pahul, one from amongst the five beloved ones should perform the Ardas for the preparation of Khande di Pahul and take the holy Hukam (command) The five beloved ones should come close to the bowl for preparing the Khande di Pahul.

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