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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) 100% Save File, 12. RandomGame+ now has three options. Thank you! (direct download) Use this versatile tool to edit your save files or make your own save files. I have got the save editor working. Resident Evil 0 (Switch) 100% Save File. If this editor can be used to start the game with the lava cleared, it looks like we'll have our, This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our,!IQ9h3JCY!gkm7OqaWBpVG ... 5pZ42uqfR8,!5Al1CBRR!igI4m9dB6aZz ... 2z9BkXTMe4,!5UlVnQSZ!27qzF0qiN8Gx ... JKJjvdzJIg,!4N0BXLJA!R35k6o1fHauZ ... yTSd7rK-XI,!NAkimTZS!1sVeRjvktAhb ... 0At_rlyV6Y,!AQUUGT4J!mb-tu4s8REZV ... tbIXru4cco,!tZlVGa4C!4nmbImp1gJBf ... 6XPM7tl7Ck. It can read a save file (in appdata/local/am2r), you can modify every value that is stored in there, and you can write it to a file again. Yeah. I've got the fusion difficulty unlocked. Made by unknown. No errors, nothing. The editor is weird: I can't load my saveX2 anymore. ... Close • Posted by 4 minutes ago. This save file has everything unlocked and done in the Switch release of AM2R. As well as to be at the nearest save station to her. In case any one else wants to do this, ZM ends the player with 12 energy tanks, 44 (250) missiles, 15 (30) super missiles, and 9 (18) power bombs.

No errors, nothing.

I just updated the save editor that I have from 2.5 to the 2.8 and it has everything. Project AM2R > General > General Discussion > Regarding the Save Editor. ), I will be creating a very graphically appealing save editor. Made by unknown. You are a God send. Resident Evil 5 (Switch) 100% Save File, 13. Thank you for this! Hard mode completed 100% item collection New Game+ and Random Game+ modes unlocked Fusion Mode started on File 2 All 3 special images in Gallery unlocked A New Game+ This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our,!5UlVnQSZ!27qzF0qiN8Gx ... JKJjvdzJIg, Power-ups only: The original randomizer from version 1.2. You can edit the events, change the number of Metroids you killed, edit which areas you already visited (on the minimap), change the lava level, select the save station you want to spawn at, change the game time and so on. I was working through the pointer scans and the game refused to reload my save. Based on the findings by BtEtta (thanks for the parsing of the format and file viewer!

... AM2R(another metroid 2 remake) Post by Slade » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:54 am. You need the JRE and then you can launch it either with a mouse click or with the command "java -jar am2r-savefile.jar". One thing I want to try with this is playing the game again with all of the items you had at the end of Zero Mission. Top. Request. AM2R stands for 'Another Metroid 2 Remake' which is the true nature of this project.

For everything AM2R and Metroid: Confrontation related! Does the save editor have fusion editing by chance. Category: Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Game Saves. Ugh. Getting Varia Suit overwrites Gravity.

save hide report. Classic Mode has two options: Items and Power-ups are in two separate pools. Share with: Link: Copy link. I was wondering so I can edit my save file on PC. How do I use this?

Save editor. Attached is a download of the save file and what to check off on the editor. When I click load and then click on the save, the window closes, and I'm left with a blank editor. I was able to yesterday. Interesting tidbits I went through with "New Game+" (all items from the start): Gravity Suit ignores the spinning turbine on the path to the Wave Beam. shucklemon. Here's my game with the same table. If you mean "is there a way to add a template to the template menu? Is there a way to make our own templates?

Share. If anyone is interested in a save file editor, here it is: Awesome work! I was able to yesterday. 0 comments. This Week's Biggest Gaming Deals via Amazon », 01. Should be version 2.8 posted here: Map editor is where you make the layout of your map. It's as if I didn't load a file. Trying to put back Gravity doesn't work. How can I change know how many time my game has because it says it has 297.693? If I didn't have it, I would not have been able to switch it back).

It's a java executable.

What else can it do other than get you all the Items in the Beginning of the game? They just don’t make games for Windows or other platforms.

The reason Nintendo hasn’t released an official version of the hit video game for PC is simple. I don't know what to do with the resources files.

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