Smead E Hendrick Frederic F. Champlin A memorable event for him occurred when they landed at Biak. American forces including the 475th FG landed at Dulag, Leyte on October 20, 1944.

On November 9, 1944 the squadron transferred to Dulag Airfield on Leyte in the Philippines and later operates from San Jose Airfield on Mindoro Island. Another venue that houses 475th FGHF memorabilia is at the Museum of Flight, located in Seattle, Washington. Joe M. Jones

KB-50s were modified about 1960 to KB-50J configuration which added a J-47 turbojet engine underneath each wing in place of the auxiliary fuel tanks to increase the speed of the aircraft. It was inactivated on 30 June 1992. Horace B. Reeves Richard K Parsons Edward J. Hedrick (MIA)

Clemens Lewicki Also flew escort missions to Southeast China and attacked railways on Formosa.

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431st fighter squadron