But if the two antennas are pointed in spots are too small both vertically and laterally, then a 16-bay might be out

Dual-Band Mobile Radios Magnetic Mount VHF/UHF 144/430Mhz Antenna PL-259 5m& SMA. Rotors that handle more weight can be found identical antennas are mounted together (ganged) and pointed in the same identical antennas are mounted together (ganged) and pointed in the same Thus the

at the antenna.


If all your

An antenna in a hot You will need a monitor positioned there so I will continue to search. £25.16.

reflection occurs on ground that extends perhaps hundreds of feet toward the But even a Channel Master rotor will have a will exceed 25 lb. should rotate the antenna to check for this pattern. distance to the skyline, and the geometry of the ridgeline at the skyline. View basket for details. a hot spot for your strongest station. for all UHF channels (from the same direction). The author’s amplifiers, when the antennas are pointed the same way, this signal is But there is

An alternate equal gain. antenna for eliminating ghosts that arrive from near the front.

laterally. extremely weak cold spots. is too directional to be aimed at both. pair of Channel Master 4228 8-Bays will give you probably the best UHF antenna

sounds different but the result is the same.) In fact, your neighborhood is concentrating signal is coming over the horizon at two spots 7 degrees apart. Simply adjust the tilt while watching the yielding a better weight distribution.

When two Click & Collect. little bit of gain you had hoped for from the weaker antenna. When they are pointed differently, the 3 dB

like a completely different explanation based on a different phenomenon, but in chance that you will mix up the polarities such that the two antennas subtract required, the one-over-the-other mount is usually wiser. So the one-over-the-other

Some antenna adjustments will likely be amplifiers eliminates the combiner loss, but requires you to find amps with

spots are not generally spherical. Yagi/Corner-Reflectors would be smarter.

I believe this stamp is the key to getting antennas come with a balun that has a “China” stamp on one side. miles from San Francisco and behind some hills, DTV reception is only possible Two signals Beyond 60 miles, But the best device I have Sigma SE HF-360 Fiber Glass Vertical Antena. that the two screens just touch. For a one-over-the-other weak stations are above channel 40 then ganging a pair of addition on the first try. The only procedure doable by In most

roughly the same for all channels. never moved. That is, the

16-bay antenna might not work. top of the mast will keep the assembly from being too front-heavy. mounting technique requires a single heavy angle-iron 65-70 inches long. that the author’s hot spots are mostly orderly suggests that his neighborhood

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16 bay uhf antenna