Augustine Premium Recliner

Augustine Premium Recliner


Developed in conjunction with Oncology clinics, Augustine is also ideally suited for use in infusion centers, patient rooms, recovery, and long term care. Augustine offers a low profile for easy patient access.

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  • Non-Trendelenburg

  • XL (500 lb. weight capacity)

  • Infinite Position Backrest

  • Fixed Arms

  • 3" Casters

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  • Vinyl Colors:

    Over 50 vinyl colors available.  To review color options click the Color Options Tab below.

    Personalized dual color vinyl coordinates may also be specified.

    To inquire about a particular color or colors, please note the color name(s) & number(s) in the notes section of your quote request.

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Developed in conjunction with Oncology clinics, Augustine is also ideally suited for use in infusion centers, patient rooms, recovery, and long term care. Augustine offers a low profile for easy patient access.

  • Infinite Position Recliner
  • Bilateral Lever Controls
  • Fixed Arms
  • XL 500 lbs. Capacity
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Brochure: Augustine Treatment Recliner (5001)

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Brochure: Premium Series Medical Recliners

Doc #018039 REV A

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The Art & Science of an Exceptional Treatment Recliner application/pdf 167 KB
2 Color Customization Form

Doc #F-418-TCC REV B

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Owners Operating & Maintenance Manual: Augustine Treatment Recliner

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Parts List: Augustine Treatment Recliner

PL-5001 Rev. 09

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Weight:181 lbs. (82.10 kg.)
Overall Height:45.75 in. (116.21 cm.)
Width:34.5 in. (87.63 cm.)
Upright Depth:40 in. (101.60 cm.)
Seat Height:19.75 in. (50.17 cm.)
Seat Width:26 in. (66.04 cm.)
Seat Depth:20.75 in. (52.71 cm.)
Seat Back Height:28.5 in. (72.39 cm.)
Armrest Height:26.75 in. (67.95 cm.)
Weight Capacity:500 lbs. (226.80 kg.)
Footprint Recline Length:76 in. (193.04 cm.)
Additional Width Specifications:
Add 2.5 in. (6.35 cm.) to chair width for each table in the down position.
Add 11 in. (27.94 cm.) to chair width for each table in the up position.


All specifications subject to change without notice, please contact our customer care team to verify any critical dimensions prior to ordering.

Color Options

Due to computer hardware limitations, color representation may vary from actual material. Please request a sample before making your purchase.

Dual Color Coordinates

Available on Premium Collection Recliners (Augustine, Inverness and all Vero Models).
2 Color Customization Form

Classic Vinyl Colors – Group A

02 Royal Blue

03 Taupe

04 Moss Green

06 Hunter Green

07 Grey

08 Black

14 Burgundy

16 Mauve

17 Blueridge


Ultra Vinyl Colors – Group C

10 Papaya

11 Blossom

12 Lavandula

13 Granny Smith

19 Lark

20 Boysenberry

21 Indigo

22 Pool

23 Charcoal

24 Thyme

27 Steel Gray

28 Carob

30 Doe

31 Tallow

32 Grotto

33 Eucalyptus

39 Toffee


Premium (SilverTex®) Vinyl Colors – Group E

NOTE: SilverTex® is not recommend for applications involving frequent contact with bodily fluids where bleach is the preferred or required cleaner. Bleach is not advised for cleaning SilverTex®

70 Sagebrush

71 Champagne

72 Khaki

73 Chestnut

74 Luggage

76 Raspberry

77 Meteor

78 Carbon

80 Sapphire

81 Jet

82 Storm

83 Celery

84 Basil

85 Bottle

87 Turquoise

89 Espresso

90 Neutra

96 Marsh

97 Plata

98 Sterling

Premium (Prints) Vinyl Colors – Group G

52 Latte

53 Smokehouse

54 Putty

55 Harbor

56 Aquamarine

57 Limestone

58 Mocha

59 Light Navy

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