General Care and Cleaning Information

Winco Mfg., LLC's full-line of products are built to provide durability and reliability when properly cared for.

In general our full line of Winco Medical Furnishings, the S400, the Stretchair, and any TMM Series Stretcher-Chair with Vinyl Cushions should be:

  1. Cleaned
  2. Disinfected (optional per facility policy)
  3. Rinsed
  4. Allowed to air dry.

It is important to note that disinfecting a product is not the same as cleaning the product. Disinfectants alone will not provide adequate cleaning, they do not have grease or oil cutting properties to remove grime or hair and skin oils. Over time, the appearance and feel and performance of your upholstery may diminish if not cleaned properly.

Remove grime, hair and body oils; Your furnishings should be cleaned with mild soap & water solution and a damp cloth on a regular basis (especially where skin & hair make contact with upholstery). Avoid harsh detergents or chemicals that could damage the upholstery or finish of your recliner. If the furnishings upholstery is disinfected with chemicals or bleach, the chair MUST be wiped off using only clean water on a damp cloth and then be allowed to air dry. Failure to rinse upholstery with clean water can result in a build-up of residues over time that can dry out the upholstery and cause changes to the look and feel of the upholstery and eventually can lead to cracking.

Please refer to the instruction tags that may have come with your product for complete care and cleaning instructions. Retain information on tag for future use.