2″ Dish Head Cushion
430 Series Task Stool
435 Series Task Chair
438 Series Tall Task Chair
440 Series Task Stool
445 Series Task Chair
8500 (Flat Top)
8550 (Recovery Couch)
8570 (Adjustable Back)
Air Delivery Drape Support
Anterior Wrist Rest
Armboard for Seated Position
Articulating Armboard for Supine / Stretcher Position
Augustine Treatment Recliner
Back Extension for TMM3
Battery Charging Stand – Mobile
Belt Set for TMM3
Care Cliner
Carter Hand Table
Chart Rack
Clark Socket Set
Clip-on Head Pillow for the TMM4
Deep Dish Head Pad
Drop Arm Care Cliner
Dual Anterior Wrist Rest Set
Elite Care Cliner Series
Foot End Push Handles
Foot Extension with Pad – Removable
Foot Pedal Control – Dual (for VCU models)
Harmony BDC
Head Belt for TMM3
Head Extension with Push Bar for TMM5
Head Strap Assembly for TMM5
Heel Stirrups
Home Care Cliner
Inverness 24-Hour Treatment Recliner
IV Pole and Attachment
Knee Crutches
Lap Belt
Leg Belt for TMM3
Leg Positioning System
Life Care Recliners
Locking Armboard for Stretcher Position
Monitor Support Tray
Oxygen Tank Holder
Oxygen Tank Holder for TMM
Pad for Auto-Extending Footrest
Paper Roll Holder for TMM Stretcher-Chairs
Phenolic Arm and Hand Table
Plastic Utility Tray
Premier LifeCare Cliner
Privess™ Basic Privacy Screen
Privess™ Clear-Vue Modular Screens
Privess™ Elite Privacy Screen
Privess™ Modular Privacy Screens
Push-Bar Set
Rear Mount Surgical Bar Assembly
S400 Manual Transport Chair
Side Guards – TMM
Side Rail Pad Set
Solace BDC
Spirit BDC
Stainless Steel Tray
Stationary IV Rod Holder
Stretchair® Series
Surgical Bar Assembly
Surgical Bar Assembly for Leg Positioners
Surgical Bar Assembly for Long, Seat Section
Surgical Bar Extension Set for Leg Section
Surgical Bar Extensions for Hand Table
Tall Anterior Wrist Rest
Telescoping IV Pole with Extended Height
Telescoping IV Rod
TMM3 Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study Stretcher-Chairs
TMM4 PLUS Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair
TMM4 PLUS-154 Mammography / Biopsy Stretcher-Chair
TMM5 PLUS Surgical Stretcher-Chair
Torso Belt (multiple sizes)
Tray with IV Rod
Unity BDC
Upper Rail Pad Set
Upper Side Rails
Verō Care Cliner Collection
Wall-Mounted Battery Charger
X-Ray Cassette Holder
XL Convalescent Recliner

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