2572 - Padded Blood-Drawing Chair with Cabinet

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Product Details

Winco's 2572 Padded Blood-Drawing Chair includes a high impact aluminum and plastic storage cabinet. The adjustable, steel reinforced, flip-up, contoured urethane armrest provides easy access and superior safety for the user.

Additional features available for the 2572 Padded Blood-Drawing Chair:
  • Choice of over 40 vinyl colors
  • Optional Single Pivot Arm (PR)
  • Optional Right Rear IV Pole


PermaBlok Info and Cleaning Instructions

Product Specifications

Weight: 56 lbs. (25.40 kg.)
Arm Height: 27.75 in. - 33.75 in. (70.5 cm. - 85.7 cm.)
Height: 44.5 in. (113.03 cm.)
Width: 35.25 in. (89.54 cm.)
Length: 27 in. (68.58 cm.)
Seat Height: 22.5 in. (57.15 cm.)
Seat Width: 18.75 in. (47.63 cm.)
Seat Depth: 18.5 in. (46.99 cm.)
Seat Back Height: 24.5 in. (62.23 cm.)
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. (136.08 kg.)


All specifications subject to change without notice, please contact our customer care team to verify any critical dimensions prior to ordering.

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