5400 - Premier LifeCare Recliner

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Product Details

Value, Style and Winco Comfort!
The Winco 5400 gives long term recliners a whole new, softer, more designer look with fully upholstered sides.   Durable and comfortably contoured Urethane arms protect the upholstered finish while providing a sleek and modern style. The unique one-piece legrest is comfortable and stylish. The 5400 offers great value while offering home furnishing appeal and the desired clincal durability and functionality needed for institutional use!

Product Specifications

Weight: 90 lbs. (40.82 kg.)
Height: 46 in. (116.84 cm.)
Width: 27.75 in. (70.49 cm.)
Upright Depth: 39.5 in. (100.33 cm.)
Seat Height: 20.5 in. (52.07 cm.)
Seat Width: 19.5 in. (49.53 cm.)
Seat Depth: 20 in. (50.80 cm.)
Seat Back Height: 30.5 in. (77.47 cm.)
Armrest Height: 28.25 in. (71.76 cm.)
Weight Capacity: 275 lbs. (124.74 kg.)
Footprint Recline Length: 62 in. (157.48 cm.)
Additional Width Specifications:
Add 1.0 in. (2.54 cm) to chair width for each table in the down position.
Add 10.5 in. (26.67 cm.) to chair width for each table in the up position.


All specifications subject to change without notice, please contact our customer care team to verify any critical dimensions prior to ordering.

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