Winco Enhances Heat and Massage Options

Winco Enhances Recliner Heat and Massage Options.
Changes add more patient choices and more reliability for the facility.

Ocala, FL. March 2012 - Winco Mfg., LLC is pleased to release important new enhancements to their popular Heat and Massage options for their recliner lines. The changes are designed to improve reliability and ensure trouble-free and long-term operation of their Heat only, and Heat and Massage options.  There are three major changes being phased in effective immediately:

  1. All new Power Supply. The new power supply has a significantly improved reliability, offering over 4x greater reliability than the previous model. As a result of the change in power supply we have implemented a new mounting bracket that is physically larger, yet easier to access.  The new power supply no longer offers a diagnostic LED, but the change to a component matched supplier will greatly reduce the likelihood of this part as a point of failure. This change will have no discernible effect on the patient experience. 
  2. We are implementing all new points of electrical connection.  The new couplers feature an improved, positive locking mechanism with better sealing. This enhancement virtually eliminates the possibility of an accidental loosening or wire disconnection. This change will also have no discernible effect on the patient experience.
  3. We are incorporating an additional massage setting. There will be a new 5th setting for the massage function to add to the available patient comfort options. This new 5th setting is an alternating setting that provides a gentle kneading sensation as opposed to the current soothing vibration. There will be no difference in the switch or operation other than having one additional selection for the new function. These changes should enhance the patient experience
  4. As a recap the massage settings are:
    a. Lower back, low
    b. Lower back, high
    c. Lower and mid back, low
    d. Lower and mid back, high
    e. Alternating lower and mid back (New)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to receive a demonstration of our products.
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