Power-Lift Blood Drawing Chair (PLBD)– Multi Purpose, Greater Range, Maximum Convenience



Winco's new Power Lift Blood Drawing Chair is like nothing else in the market.  Whether drawing blood, or performing other services, Caregivers of all heights can comfortably utilize our Power Designer Blood Drawing Chair to care for their patients. 

This chair is available in two models.  Model # 2587 comes standard with a sleek fiberglass seat and Model # 2588 offers a comfortable padded upholstered seat.  Choose the one that complements your facility's décor.

A wide range of seat height options are available which benefit both the Patient and Caregiver.  The Caregiver can lower it to the right height for their patient, then raise it in order to eliminate back strain for themselves.  The Power Designer Blood Drawing Chair can be lowered to a standard wheelchair-accessible seat height to make transfer easy for both the patient and Caregiver.  In addition, to accommodate taller Caregivers and reduce injury caused by bending, our chair can be raised to a maximum seat height of 27 - 30 inches, depending on the model chosen.

The PLBD chair is easily operated by using a foot pedal that can be used on either side of the chair. The chair will lift or lower at a moderate speed, keeping patient safety in mind.  It will automatically stop when the maximum/minimum height is reached or the Caregiver lifts their foot from the pedal.

The chair comes standard with a urethane flip-up contoured armrest.  Options include a side tray on the right side, Pivot Arm, and California TB 133 protection.  A large variety of vinyl colors and styles are available for Model #2588. 

The wheelchair-accessible heights of 15.5" (2587) or 18.5" (2588) may qualify these chairs for a tax credit.  See your tax professional for more details.