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WA - Wood Arm Option

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Take your recliners upscale to a new level.  We now offer warm, rich wood armrests in two beautiful tones and two distinct designs.  These attractive and durable armrests are available as an option on any of our stlylish urethane Arm chairs.  Choose from either Golden Pecan (Dark) or "Ginger on Maple" (light) to complement your vinyl choice perfectly and to enhance any room decor. In addition you may select either a sleek narrow arm  option that tightly follows the armrest vinyl or a wide sweeping width that gracefully curves slightly out over the edges of the armrest.   The wood is sealed to protect against collection of blood-borne pathogens and to be easily cleaned.
Fits models: 5400, 5570, 5574, 5580, 5584, 5780, 6700, 6704, 6740 and 6750
PLEASE NOTE: Wood is a natural product and as such color and graining will vary from chair to chair, therefore an exact and consistent color match cannot be guaranteed.


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