Categories: General
      Date: Dec  6, 2016
     Title: TransMotion Medical Discontinues the TMM6 Power-Drive Stretcher Chair
TransMotion Medical, a Division of Winco Mfg., LLC, has discontinued sales and manufacturing of the TMM6 Power Drive Stretcher-Chair.  The chair was introduced in June of 2011 and was last sold in March of 2015.
Winco Mfg., LLC has a standard support policy for all current and discontinued products under
Government or Private Contracts. All contracted products will be supported for a minimum of 5 and
up to 7 years from the last date of production and commercial sale noted above.

Support includes warranty obligations, availability of parts, hardware and upholstered parts in
order to allow the user to maintain that product’s functionality to minimum operational
specifications or better. While Winco makes every effort to have sufficient service stock at the
time of retirement, third party electronic elements if applicable, (Drive motors, control boards,
actuators, etc.,) of any product will be maintained on a best-effort basis during the post
production support period.

For specific details on your warranty period and coverage, please contact our TMM Service
department. You may also refer to our website for a copy of our warranty statement.

TransMotion Medical will cease to provide all support for this chair as of March 2022, Seven (7)
years after the last date of sale.  We sincerely appreciate your support of our products and
apologize in advance for any inconvenience you might experience.
Click here for a pdf version of this notification.