Categories: General
      Date: Aug  2, 2010
     Title: Transition of Winco, Inc. manufacturing business to Winco Mfg., LLC

Transition of Winco, Inc. manufacturing business to Winco Mfg., LLC


Winco Mfg., LLC has signed a sale agreement to purchase the medical furnishings manufacturing & distribution business from Winco, Inc. based in Ocala, FL effective after close of business July 30th.  Included in the sale are intellectual property and other key components associated with the business's operations. 

 You can continue to rely on the customer service, technical support and sales contacts you have been working with all along. We have the same email addresses, mailing address, and office phone numbers. 

 Winco Mfg., LLC will honor the warranty for products sold by Winco, Inc. according to the terms of the Warranty and the Warranty will remain in place for products purchased after July 30, 2010 from Winco Mfg., LLC as well.

 Effective August 2, shipping documents will refer to Winco Mfg. LLC legal entity, but product packaging or labels may still reference the previous name, Winco, Inc. for a transition period.  Supplemental labels referencing Winco Mfg., LLC will be affixed to product packaging when needed to comply with legal and customs clearance requirements.

 We want to assure you that we will continue to serve our customers, to deliver high-quality products, and we look forward to continued business with you into the future.